Hello bookworms!

Nothing like opening a brand new book. Flipping through crisp, glossy pages. Taking in the smell of paper and ink.

The love of reading starts with a child cocooned in your lap looking at the pretty pictures in their favorite book, listening to delightful stories, and “going” to far-away places. Love that lasts for a lifetime! Share your love of reading with your children. Here are some tips:

  • As soon as a child can hold an object, they can hold an age appropriate book. (My kids had cloth books when they were babies)
  • Build a daily routine that includes nap/down time starting with a story time.
  • End bedtime battles: Kids who connect bedtime with their favorite books are easier to put to bed.
  • Give books as gifts for birthdays and other celebrations.
  • Let children choose books themselves when in a bookstores or online.

Books are words
Books are places,
memories, feelings, people.
Books give you peace,

hope and knowledge
Books help you go to college.