Darina lives in Redmond, Washington with her kids, husband and her co-writer – a fluffy cat whose job entails napping in her lap while Darina is writing or walking across the keyboard if something needs editing.

Darina grew up in Bulgaria and studied Law in school. She loves writing – legal and fiction. When Darina was about 9 years old, her grandma took her to see a play. It was the most magical experience in her life (so far). This event planted a seed in her heart – a lifelong passion for reading and storytelling.

Darina’s kids inspired her to write children’s books. At bed time, she would occasionally make up her own story instead of reading a book. To her surprise, the kids started asking her to repeat these made-up tales.

Rosie Likes to Share is Darina’s debut book. She had a lot of fun writing it. For praise, merciful critique and more information you can visit her at darinadecheva.com and on Instagram at @darina_decheva_author.